Kampagne von
X-tausendmal quer
und KURVE Wustrow

Campaign against the final nuclear waste disposal suspended

For the time being, anti-nuclear groups refrain from blocking the planned final nuclear waste disposal site within the framework of the campaign gorleben365+X.

At least for some months we have reached our goal: There is no further construction works in the salt stock!

We therewith react upon the delaying effect of a lawsuit against the prolongation of the operating plan. Unfortunately, Gorleben is still not excluded from the set of possible sites for a final disposal.

On 30th November 2012 the German minister of the environment Altmaier announced that there will be no construction works until the next national election in September 2013.

We will be watchful!

There will be blockades again in case the works are resumed!


Idea of the campaign

gorleben365+X: Nonviolent blockades of the traffic to the construction site for the final nuclear waste disposal

On national level each political party talks about restarting the search for a suitable site for final disposal. The only controversy is concerned with the "how".
Even though only the exploration of the site in Gorleben was authorized, and supposedly other sites should be looked for simultaneously, what really happens is the actual construction of a final disposal site in Gorleben.
There is no discourse about that in the society.
In the framework of the campaign gorleben365 almost one hundred blockades were organised between August 2011 and August 2012.
The campaign gorleben365+X proceeded with the same concept. Not as frequent, but equally determined, creative and disturbing!
Nonviolent blockades of the traffic to the construction site for the final nuclear waste disposal – if you join in!
We bring parts of our culture to the gates of Gorleben: choirs have done blockades giving a concert at the entrance, youngsters mobilised their own generation, equestrians stayed there with their horses, there were birthday and wedding blockades at the gates. Coffee-parties, guerilla-gardening, playing cards or knitting Xs – everybody has his/her own script. Ideas are never-ending.
Day after day we fight back with new blockade-groups. Everybody can participate in an action of gorleben365+X, as a single person or as a group. Everybody can initiate his/her own idea of a blockade.
We demand the cessation of the construction works in the salt stock, the absolute omission of producing nuclear waste in the nuclear power plants. For a responsible handling of the resources of this planet and the use of renewable energy.
We take a stand and thus become more courageous in our actions. It might be the first time that you engage in civil disobedience. Then you will be able to take home the encouraging experiences from Gorleben and integrate them into your political, professional and family life.
Gorleben is everywhere!
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